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Frequently ask questions

How does the SpreadZtrap cat litter mat works?
How is the SpreadZtrap cat litter mat better then other mats?
Where can I buy the SpreadZtrap cat litter mat?
Why did we chose ABS plastic?
Is plastic ABS safe for animals and children? And is it recycable?
Does the SpreadZtrap has a smell and does it keep odors?
Is the SpreadZtrap waterproof?
Can liquids pass through the mat and get on the floor?
How easy is it to empty and clean the mat?
What product can I use to clean the SpreadZtrap?
Does this mat dries fast after cleaning?
What kind of litter grains can I use with the SpreadZtrap?
What are the dimensions, weight and color of the SpreadZtrap?
What can I do if my cat urinates on the mat?
Can it be used with dogs?
Can I add a puppy training pad?
Can the mat slide on the floor?
How can I make my cat like the mat and walk on it?