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DzelCat is a brand from the company F.D.InnoVations.

F.D.InnoVations Inc. was founded on January 2018 by Fannie Huet and David Tremblay, a friendly couple from Montreal, Canada. When they moved in together in fall 2016, it was a great joy in their life. And Fannie wasn't alone: she was with her long time best friend, her cat named Diesel.

inventors of the spreadztrap by dzelcat

beige cat mascot of dzelcat

Diesel: our inspiration for brand and logo

For David, it was his first time living with a cat. And despite all the good tenderness this little animal brought to his life, he also discovered some inconveniences: hair everywhere, hair balls, litter grains under his feet, on the floor, on the couch, in the bed...basically, everywhere!

Fannie Huet spreadztrap inventor wearing leather coat

Fannie Huet Vice-president

They look at all kinds of product to help, but nothing on the market was really working. After a few months of Fannie trying to minimize the damages and David trying to find other solutions, they began to think that they were certainly not the only one to experience such situations. So then, they came up with their first idea to reduce the spreading of cat litter grains, the SpreadZtrap cat litter mat. And this is how F.D.InnoVations was born.

David Tremblay President

They decided to bring to life their ideas, and started by creating their first brand of cat supplies, named DzelCat. The goal is to bring a whole new approach to useful and accessible objects, with a stylized image and affordable prices. They gave themselves the mission to produce their inventions and put them on the market to help pet owners. Since these furry companions are now more and more considered to be part of the family (and even improve the health and social life of their master) DzelCat supplies brings satisfaction to both parties. They will not stop at a single product, so follow them to see the future they seek. 

David Tremblay spreadztrap inventor in blue italian suite

spreadztrap wooden prototype with metal mesh

On April 2017, the first prototype was created and was made out of wood, steel-mesh and duck tape.

Despite not being one of the most elegant object at first glance, it ended up to be very effective. Fannie's cat, Diesel, adored the prototype as he even used it as a bed. Probably due to its slightly flexible and comfortable mesh. Thanks to the help of their friend Roman Teliszczuk , who made the 3D drawing, the project evolved to be their first business innovation.