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The future of litter mat

Engineered by Canadians with highest production requierements


SpreadZtrap Superpowers

persian brown and black cat over the spreadztrap by dzelcat litter mat

Easy to use

✔ The SpreadZtrap cat litter mat reduces the spreading of grains in the house, saves on cleaning time and is odourless. Your cat won't be disturbed by this mat. It is safe for animals and children.

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spreadztrap semi open with white cat paws and litter grain

Made of 2 parts

✔ Made in pure ABS plastics with a high quality double structure. This mat is sturdy, durable, resistant to shocks and can be recycled. The litter passes through the wide holes of the upper layer and fall onto the tray that recuperates & traps the grains.

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emptying spreadztrap cat litter mat by dzelcat

Quick to empty & simple cleaning

✔ Lightweight to lift and empty without spreading litter around. Very easy to clean; the product divides in 2 separates parts. All the corners are accessible. It is 100% waterproof, has zero absorption capabilities and no liquids can leak through.

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best cat litter mat spreadztrap black on wooden floor

From analyzing what customers want, we found that it is not necessary to have an extra-large mat, but a more efficient one.